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Who Is Tel-IS?

Enhancing Communications to Improve Productivity

Tel-IS is a full-service technology services company delivering high end messaging applications and solutions that improve our customers ability to serve their customers. Since our inception is 1985 our mission has been to improve the way our customers communicate internally by understanding their business and delivering custom-tailored solutions and services to meet their ever-changing messaging needs.


Twenty years ago the trucking industry was struggling to track the daily progress of long haul truck drivers and their shipments. Communicating details to the truck drivers about delivery instructions, directions and appointments was a real effort for dispatchers. Providing their customers with up to date information regarding shipment status and delivery schedules was a nightmare.

Recognizing an opportunity to address these challenges, our founder, Les Oldham, Executive Vice President of a trucking company at the time, wrestling with communication problems, saw an opportunity. Emerging technologies in voice messaging (voicemail) and interactive voice response (IVR) needed custom applications that integrated with the enterprise information systems that trucking companies were using to manage their business and to give them a competitive edge with their customers. A business was born with mission to improve the communications and productivity of truck drivers and their dispatchers.


Twenty years later, the organization that started out as a business unit of Innovative Computing Corporation, a Westinghouse subsidiary and the leading provider of enterprise information systems for trucking companies, is a privately help corporation.

Our twenty year old focus, enhance communications to improve productivity, has not changed. Our market has grown from a vertical market of trucking companies to the Fortune 2000 companies located nationwide many with mobile workers and complex technology and communication requirements. Tel-IS draws customers from a variety of industry groups, including the following:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Government
  4. Legal
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Transportation
  7. Utilities

Our focus is still on communication problems and opportunities. Our technology involves both the legacy TDM technologies of voicemail and interactive voice response and the IP technologies of unified communications and unified messaging, to leverage the enterprise communication systems, the business tools, and the network infrastructure that our customer have in place to empower associates, customers, and business partners with new ways to share information freely, effectively and securely. Enhancing communications to improve productivity, it's what we do, it's who we are.

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